So, Dwayne Johnson Likes His French Toast Topped With Tequila Maple Syrup — HBU?

Dwayne Johnson has mastered the art of the over-the-top cheat meal. Just after the clock struck midnight on Monday, the actor offered fans a peek at his most recent late-night indulgence: brioche French toast finished with an assortment of tequila-infused toppings. Yes, you read that correctly — tequila-infused French-toast toppings. You may want to locate the nearest mop, because this concoction may cause a puddle of drool to form on the floor beneath you.

The Rock begins his video by zooming in on two pieces of thick-cut brioche French toast, explaining, "I prefer it thick because I will give gluttony a new meaning tonight." He then smears on a few globs of fresh whipped cream that looks fluffy as a cloud before adding two homemade toppings made with tequila from his own liquor brand, Teremana Tequila. The first is maple toasted coconut chips that were coated with reposado tequila before getting baked to crispy perfection in the oven, and the second is toasted coconut maple syrup infused with the same oaky tequila. He sprinkles and pours 'em both on top, then takes a huge bite, saying, "Don't cheat yourself; treat yourself and enjoy these cheat meals."

"This one is absolutely ridiculous and 💯 guaranteed to send you to bed happy and sinfully satiated," he captioned the Instagram video showing off his tequila-tastic creation. Welp, it looks like we've found our newest weekend brunch recipe!