Yum! These Harry Potter Recipes Look So Scrumptious, Even Molly Weasley Would Approve

If your appetite is as insatiable as Ron Weasley's at the Great Feast, then you're in for a scrumptious treat thanks to these Harry Potter recipes that witches and Muggles alike will find absolutely delectable. In preparation for Fall (aka the perfect time to throw a Harry Potter party), photographer Delaney Dobson partnered up with food blogger Confessions of a Fit Foodie to throw together a few wizard-inspired recipes bound to make any banquet or get together positively enchanting.

From sticky toffee pudding, butterbeer, and chocolate frogs to cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, and treacle tarts, none of the golden trio's favorite treats were forgotten. To please Mrs. Weasley, a few healthy Fall- and English-inspired recipes have also been thrown into the mix, including a pumpkin pasta with spicy sausage, an Instant Pot loaded cauliflower mash, a roasted maple acorn squash sweet whipped ricotta, and a healthy Instant Pot shepherds pie. Brilliant!

"Please enjoy this amazing collection of my favorite Harry Potter inspiration, perfect for Fall and Halloween!" Dobson told POPSUGAR. So summon your friends and conjure up your appetites, because it's time to enjoy some truly spellbinding snacks! Keep scrolling to see all the Fall-themed Harry Potter party inspiration you need.