People Are Putting Uncrustables in Air Fryers, and OMG, They Look Unreal

Air fryers have been around for a while now, but while they started out as a healthier way to enjoy some of our favorite foods, people are now starting to use them to make indulgent foods even better . . . and we are here for it. One of the latest trends that's currently all over TikTok is to pop a Smucker's Uncrustable sandwich into the air-fryer basket to see what happens. And now, after watching numerous videos of this in action, we can confidently say this is the only way we want to eat Uncrustables ever again.

Once fried in the air fryer, the bread on the outside of the Uncrustable gets slightly toasted and crispy, but the inside gets warm and gooey, which results in a snack similar to stuffed french toast. TikTok users have placed all kinds of Uncrustables into their air fryers, including the traditional peanut butter and jelly, Nutella, and even taco bites. Keep scrolling to see all of the Uncrustables in their air-fryer glory and how you can re-create the viral dish in your own kitchen.