The Best Way to Make Crispy Salmon

We love salmon for the many different ways you can prepare it, but one of our favorites has to be crispy salmon. The fish is rich in protein and omega-three amino acids, making it a great option for those looking to make a switch from red meat or chicken. And when you make it crispy, it's so satisfying and almost indulgent! But if you're unsure on how to get it crispy enough while making it at home, we've got you covered.

Since TikTok is our favorite place to get food hacks, we were delighted (but not at all surprised) that TikTok users have been sharing their tricks to make crispy salmon. The Feedfeed (@thefeedfeed), a cooking-hack and recipe-tutorial account, recently shared its method, and it's so simple! All you need to do is heat olive oil in a pan, place your salmon down skin-side first, and let it sizzle for about three minutes. Then, flip it over for another two-three minutes. Once the center is pink, it's ready to be served, or you can leave it on for another minute for extra crispiness! And if you're curious about how you can add some extra flavor to your salmon, there are TikToks for that, too. With ingredients like herbs, lemon or lime, butter, and even brown sugar, there are so many ways to influence the taste of your dish.

Keep scrolling for step-by-step video guides on how to make crispy salmon. You'll also get a look at what pairs best with the entrée like rice, veggies, and quinoa.