Everyone's Ordering Pink Cold Foam at Starbucks Now — Here's How You Can, Too

For today's lesson on how to make your Starbucks order as Instagram-worthy as possible, we present the latest secret-menu hack: pink cold foam. Crafty Starbucks visitors have been getting their beverages topped with light-pink froth, and now, tons of coffee-lovers are following suit.

If you want to hop on the pink-cold-foam bandwagon, ordering it is as easy as can be. Simply ask your barista for cold foam blended with strawberry puree, and be sure to thank them for fielding the special order. Although the bubblegum-colored drink topper first popped up at Starbucks locations in Indonesia a few years ago, it made its way to the states this year ahead of Valentine's Day atop a secret-menu chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew. You can ask for pink foam with any iced Starbucks beverage — it's a classic do-it-for-the-'gram move, and the foam actually tastes pretty darn good, according to adventurous coffee drinkers who've tried it so far.

Ahead, admire a few pretty pink-foam-topped Starbucks beverages if you need any motivation to order one next time you stop by the coffee chain for a caffeine fix.