Jarcuteries Are Basically Mini Personalized Charcuterie Boards, and I'm Obsessed

Let's take a second to appreciate that charcuterie boards are having a moment — and I'm not just talking about the classic meat-and-cheese-plates, either. From charcuterie chalets (think gingerbread houses — but in my opinion, better) to dessert trays to hot chocolate fixings, I'm living for the tasty creativity that's filling up my Instagram feed.

So, when Sarah Juenemann — a Kansas City-based food stylist, creative designer, and the founder of Grazing KC — posted her jarcuteries to Instagram, I fell in love with the idea and had to share.

Jarcuteries are so right for 2020 because they take communal eating out of the equation without sacrificing a classic charcuterie board's sophistication. I'd serve these at a social-distancing hang in the park, so my friends and I can snack cocktail-party style without breaking any six-feet-apart rules. And now that I'm brainstorming, how fun would it be to drop jarcuteries off at friends' houses, so we can all enjoy the same decedent bites for a Zoom wine night? Honestly, I'd even make these while gathering with the people I'm quarantining with just to feel extra comfortable at home.

Convenience and cuteness are the attraction here, and I'm hooked. I've even found more personalized charcuterie boards that would fit perfectly in a jar or cup for my — and yes, your — enjoyment.