In Relatable News, Michelle Obama Can Eat Her Favorite Girl Scout Cookies by the "Sleeve-Full"

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has proved time and time again that she has good taste in everything from clothing to hairstyles to home decor, and in a recent interview with the Girl Scouts of the USA, she proved she also has good taste in cookies — which, who is surprised? During the virtual event to highlight Becoming Me, a new program aimed at helping girls reach their full potential, the bestselling author let out a laugh when one of the Girl Scouts asked which cookie flavor was her favorite, and her answer was all too relatable. As any Girl-Scout-cookie-lover knows, you can't just pick one, and neither could Michelle. She has two favorites, but coming in first place are Thin Mints. "I can eat them by the sleeve-full. Straight. A little milk. Nothing too fancy. I don't want to interfere with the flavor," she said. While she didn't clarify if she liked them frozen, we like to think she does because everyone knows that's the best way to eat them.

As for her other favorite flavor, the former First Lady is also a "huge" peanut butter cookie fan. She attributes this to the fact that she ate a lot of peanut butter growing up, which we can also relate to. Wondering how she prefers to eat these ones? She said it best: "Again, I like them straight, nothing fancy, just the pure cookie. I don't want anything to interfere with the flavor, you know what I'm saying?" Yes, yes we do. See the rest of the interview above, and learn more about the Becoming Me program here.

Image Source: Getty

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