People Are Making Croissant Bites Stuffed With Nutella, Because Breakfast Is Best Served Sweet

I don't have any kind of culinary degree, but my inner pastry chef is flipping her toque over these mini croissant bites stuffed with Nutella. Originally posted by Sam Schnur, aka @thenaughtyfork on Instagram, the croissant cereal is inspired by TikTok's cookie cereal trend, and it's just as easy to make. So catch me munching on a bowl of this during my next Zoom call or while I'm catching up on all of Dead to Me.

In the video shared to her channel, Sam takes precut pastry dough triangles and slices them into even smaller triangles. She then adds about one teaspoon of Nutella to the widest section of each piece dough before rolling each triangle into a mini croissant. After a few minutes in the oven per the package instructions, each of the teeny-tiny croissants is ready to be thrown into a bowl and served up with milk or an extra drizzle of the chocolate-hazelnut spread. See how Sam makes regular and Nutella-stuffed mini croissants here, and keep reading to treat your eyeballs to something sweet.