These "Nightmare Potatoes" Are Just Crushed-Up Oreos and Marshmallows, So They're Actually a Dream

We love Oreos for their versatility. Not only are they great on their own or with a simple glass of milk, but they can also be enjoyed in a variety of flavors and desserts. In a brownie? Sure. In a mug cake? Of course. In cream cheese balls? Yep. But the newest Oreo recipe we're obsessing over is called — wait for it — Nightmare Potatoes. TikTok user Quincy's Tavern (@quincylk) shared the incredibly simple and delicious recipe on social media, and we're already drooling.

To make Nightmare Potatoes, all you have to do is crush up a box of Oreo cookies, melt a bag of marshmallows and a stick of butter in the microwave, mix them all together, and let cool. The result? Kinda gross-looking balls that resemble charcoal, but still delicious enough to eat. We know these are called "Nightmare Potatoes" and everything, but they . . . seem like a dream? We can't wait to make a quick batch tonight, and since the recipe is so easy, every night for the rest of the month.