Oreo's New Flavors, Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach, Have "Spring" Written All Over Them

Some people look to the great outdoors to see when they can anticipate the first colors of spring to appear, but this year, the fan-favorite cookie brand Oreo has decided to lead the charge. The Nabisco label launched two new limited-edition Oreo cookies, and the flavors are just as sweet, bright, and beautiful as spring itself. The Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach cookies are colorful and cute, and they're sure to give anyone's sweet tooth a refreshing taste of the season.

The Sakura Matcha flavor features two pastel-pink, cherry-blossom-flavored cookies sandwiching a bright green matcha cream, while the Oolong Peach version stars the traditional black cookie that's stuffed with a light-orange, tea-inspired filling. These two Japanese-inspired cookies add new life to the typical Oreo lineup, both with their unique flavor profiles and bright colors. While they're only on sale in Hong Kong from now until May 1, we can't help but dream about adding these cute cookies to our picnic spread this season. Until they make a debut in the US, we'll happily settle for Lady Gaga's spunky pink Chromatica cookies instead.