Selena Gomez's Fridge Organization Puts Mine to Shame — the Cheese Has Its Own Drawer

Just days after giving us a glimpse at her "chic cabin" songwriting corner, Selena Gomez has given us a sneak peek inside her refrigerator, and the delightfully-organized shelves have my inner neat freak breathing a sigh of relief. Selena shared the mini fridge tour via Instagram Reels just a few hours before she announced that she'll be hosting her own cooking show Selena + Chef on HBO Max beginning on Aug. 13. If this fridge is any indication of what we should expect, then we are going to be enjoying some very tasty at-home cooking.

Selena, if you're reading this, might I suggest some mushroom and brie-stuffed zucchini boats for dinner this week? Crêpes with fresh strawberries and cream cheese for breakfast? How about three-cheese cauliflower crust pizza for lunch? Also, I wouldn't mind an Instagram Stories demonstration on how to make the perfect white wine pasta sauce . . . just sayin'.

From the medley of fresh fruit and the refreshing drink collection to the massive bottle of ranch and at least 12 pints of ice cream, everything about this video is a mood. (Please see: the overflowing cheese drawer packed with brie and Kraft singles.) If you're a fan of peeking in celebrities' kitchens and ogling what their favorite snacks are, then please enjoy Selena's aesthetically pleasing fridge tour here.