Today’s Joy Has Been Sparked by Stanley Tucci Whipping Up Late-Night Pasta in a Tie

If Marie Kondo forced me to audit my Instagram feed and eliminate every piece of content that doesn't really, truly spark joy, the only post that would remain is Stanley Tucci's latest. On Sunday evening, the handsome actor shared a video of himself whipping up some late-night pasta, and though the clip lasts fewer than 10 seconds, it soothes me to the core, much like his famous at-home cocktail tutorials.

In the pre-Instagram-Shutdown-of-2021™ video, Stanley is notably wearing a tie and white button-down shirt, which is quite the bold choice for someone handling marinara sauce, regardless of his apron's protective presence. The navy tie gives off "I'm not a regular chef — I'm a classy chef" energy, and his sleeves are rolled juuuust enough to show off his toned forearms. Using a satisfyingly slick nonstick pan, he sautés leftover rotini that I can only assume is cooked to al dente perfection, mixing in red sauce with a rubber scraper that reads "Keep Calm and Bake On." How very cheugy of him. After a few expert flicks of the wrist, an offscreen voice — perhaps that of his wife, Felicity Blunt — asks, "Do you want Parmesan?" to which he nonchalantly replies, "Yeah," because he knows pasta sans cheese isn't really pasta at all.

Besides offering us plebes a peek inside the star's relatable nighttime snacking routine, the video also provides another look at his stunning kitchen. The shelves are lined with an impressive cast-iron Dutch oven collection of varying colors and sizes, and in the corner, you can peep what appears to be an Instant Pot. Between the simple marble backsplash, gray cabinets, and gold nobs and faucet, it's almost as if Stanley and Felicity garnered inspiration from my dream kitchen Pinterest board when choosing the design.

Like clockwork, swaths of thirsty comments poured in after the video went live, one of which was from none other than jokester Ryan Reynolds. Airing the inner thoughts of the nearly 700,000 others who watched the video, Ryan wrote, "Dear god, you are a SNACK," to which Stanley responded, "You're pretty yummy yourself." Swoon. And so the obsession rages on.