Disney World Now Has Thin Mint Churros Drizzled With Mint Icing and Ghirardelli Chocolate Fudge

Churros — in all of their crisp, delicious, and golden glory — have long been synonymous with Disney parks. Between the scent wafting from the churro carts around the parks and the amazing seasonal flavors, they're almost as much of a staple among guests as Mickey ears. But the classic snack has now reached a new level of awesomeness with the introduction of a new flavor: the Thin Mint Churro!

The delicious-sounding snack — seriously, part Thin Mint cookie, part churro?! — is rolled in milk chocolate powder, drizzled with mint icing and Ghirardelli chocolate fudge, and garnished with a fresh sprig of mint. It can be found at the Sunshine Churros carts in Disney Springs in Walt Disney World for $7 (one order comes with two churros). And if you're into documenting your Disney eats on Instagram like us, not only does it sound amazing, but it looks amazing, too! So be sure to snap a few photos of these bad boys before digging in. Just one thing to note: like Girl Scout cookies, this churro flavor is only available for a limited time, although there's no official word yet on when it'll stop being available. Hurry and enjoy!