Shoppers Say the New Trader Joe's $4 Blood Orange Cake Mix Smells "Like a Creamsicle"

Trader Joe's, the mecca of all things delicious, doesn't fool around when it comes to seasonal arrivals. This month alone, the grocery-store chain has already rolled out a ton of new items, including breaded fried ravioli, dark-chocolate-drizzled plantain chips, and now, blood orange cake mix. The new addition plays on the aromas and flavors of the blood orange, a luscious fruit which is often described as an orange-raspberry hybrid. Is your mouth watering yet?

Each cake mix contains a packet of icing and only requires butter, water, and eggs. Trader Joe's fans are sharing their excitement on social media and offering their own baking tips, like adding blueberries. One shopper even wrote on Instagram that her "kitchen smelled like a creamsicle" afterward! You can pick up the new cake mix for $4 at any Trader Joe's location. A perfect (and yummy) transition from winter to spring, we recommend stocking up while you can. We have a feeling this item is going to go fast! Ahead, see how others are decorating their blood orange cakes.