The Next Time You Go to Trader Joe's, Make Sure to Pick Up These Fan-Favorite Frozen Foods

Trader Joe's is home to everything from diverse cheese that spans across the globe to top-rated beauty products that clock in under $10. The affordable retailer is also no stranger to easy-to-make frozen food, either. The freezer aisles are lined with prepacked options that can be made in minutes, meaning foodies can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert whenever the hunger pangs strike. Complete with healthy veggies, quick-to-eat breakfast options, party-ready appetizers, and full-blown meals, be sure to make TJ's your one-stop grocery shop the next time you're looking to fill your freezer.

If you're hungry for the best frozen food options out there, this curated list contains the most beloved (and craved!) Trader Joe's finds out there. From crispy rice salmon bites to steamed pork and ginger soup dumplings, these ice-cold selections should make their way to the top your grocery list ASAP. Check out the best frozen foods from Trader Joe's, ahead.

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.


Trader Joe's Crispy Rice Salmon Bites

Get the fish fix you're looking for when whip up these crispy salmon balls. Made with tender Atlantic salmon battered in wheat flour and rice batter, it's safe to say that these will melt in anyone's mouth. Pair them with the dip of your choice.


Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

This sweet treat is made up of a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream that's perfectly molded in between two chocolate chip cookies and then rolled in crunchy and silky chocolate chips. But the thing that really makes these stand out from the rest is the cookies! They're still so soft, which makes every bite a dream come true. They're chewy, smooth, refreshing, and just straight-up lovely all around, OK?!


Trader Joe's Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings

Filled with hot ginger soup and a flavorful pork filling, you'll want these soup dumplings for dinner every night. Eat them with a side salad or veggies if you're looking to really fill up.


Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

This single-serve mac and cheese is ridged rigatoni pasta blended with a three-cheese sauce of cheddar, gouda, and parmesan, plus a creamy béchamel sauce and butternut squash purée. A dash of warm spices like nutmeg and sage take the flavor over the edge but don't overpower, and the finished product is the definition of creamy, decadent comfort food.


Trader Joe's Pork Gyoza Potstickers

These Trader Joe's pork gyoza potstickers are just as good as the ones you can pick up for takeout. A platter of these dumplings won't disappoint, and if there happen to be leftovers, stick them in chicken broth and enjoy them as a soup.


Trader Joe's Fiocchetti With Pink Sauce

If you had a full day of work and just want to whip up a quick meal and relax, this cheese-filled fiocchetti with pink sauce is your best bet. Pasta filled with ricotta, taleggio, and mozzarella cheese? You can't beat it.


Trader Joe's Turkey Meatballs

Swap red meat out when you make these tasty turkey meatballs. They're hearty enough to be eaten on their own or they can be enjoyed with spaghetti, rice, and more.


Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken Bowl

If you're hangry, we hope you're reaching for this orange chicken bowl! It takes less than five minutes to heat up, meaning you can be noshing on it ASAP. With tender pieces of chicken atop a mountain of veggie fried rice, you won't be able to get enough of this delicious bowl.


Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Ice Cream

If you believe chunkier is better when it comes to ice cream, then Trader Joe's cookie butter ice cream is for you. With enormous cookie pieces and decadent Speculoos cookie butter added to TJ's already rich vanilla ice cream, we really don't trust anyone who would say no to this flavor.


Trader Joe's Frozen Mac 'n' Cheese

Frozen dinners for the win! This box might look little, but it's packed with big flavor. Just pop it in the microwave, and get ready dive into a warm bowl of pasta in minutes. Feel free to add broccoli, breadcrumbs, or truffle flakes to the mix.


Trader Joe's Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls

These golf-ball-size bites are filled with chicken and veggies and have a crisp exterior. They have a mochi coating that is sure to make your taste buds swoon, so enjoy!


Trader Joe's Organic Acai Bowl

We all know how delicious acai bowls are, but their tasty flavor comes at a hefty price. Luckily, Trader Joe's understands our struggle and has created a cheap version that's just as easy to whip up on our own. Dump them into the blender, add a little almond milk, and use the leftovers as toppings. This healthy breakfast is quick, easy, and oh-so-good!


Trader Joe's Fried Olive Bites

Want a warm and indulgent snack? These fried olives are it! Made with green Castelvetrano olives and dark purple kalamatas, you'll taste all the best flavors of Italy and Greece mixed together. Not to mention, the mascarpone, roquefort, and cream cheeses that envelope the olives make them that much better.


Trader Joe's Ube Purple Yam Flavored Ice Cream

Creamy, sweet, and perfectly nutty, this purple yam dessert is a treat for all those who try it. It tastes like a mix of vanilla and pistachio and features light hints of coconut. Enjoy it with honey and nuts on top or alone. Dig in!


Trader Joe's Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos

Easy and tasty, taquitos are a great at-home snack. Just add pico de gallo, a dash of cheese, and a side of guac to make these the predinner bites that people will be drooling over.


Trader Joe's Mini Quiche

Watch out, because these Trader Joe's mini quiches will be the talk of your meal. Filled with mushrooms, swiss cheese, bacon, and sweet onions, they're mouthwatering in every way.


Trader Joe's Organic Tomato Mozzarella Piccolo Pizza

If you're craving pizza, this little dinner dish is for you. It's small enough that you can eat it all in one sitting without feeling too full. The crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the sauce is the perfect mix of sweet and tomatoey. Pair with a small side salad for best results.


Trader Joe's Gone Bananas

Harness your inner monkey and go bananas with this frozen combo of healthy and sweet. Dark chocolate-covered banana slices make for a delicious snack with little guilt.


Trader Joe's Cornbread Bites

Stuffed with pepper jack cheese and serrano chile peppers, the Trader Joe's cornbread bites have a spicy kick. The gooey filling alone will have your guests swooning, and their crunchy exterior makes them that much more delicious.


Trader Joe's Cauliflower Pizza Crust

A healthy and delicious dinner is only minutes away with this immensely popular frozen cauliflower pizza crust. Pizza night can now be every night! You can thank us later.


Trader Joe's Multigrain Toaster Waffles

Got syrup? These toaster waffles are ready to be enjoyed! Just pop them in the toaster, and top 'em off with fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and more. Breakfast is served.


Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese Bites

These are dangerous, yet very necessary for any mac-and-cheese-lover. Just pop them in the oven and enjoy them on their own, with dips, or any way you'd like.


Trader Joe's Pastry Pups

If you're in a pinch and need a tasty appetizer that requires zero effort, try these Trader Joe's pastry pups. Essentially pigs in a blanket, but without the added effort of wrapping hot dogs in croissant rolls.


Trader Joe's Asparagus Risotto

This Trader Joe's asparagus risotto has a creamy texture and delicious taste that will leave you begging for more. The best part? It only takes five minutes to make!


Trader Joe's Brazilian-Style Cheese Bread

Forget dinner! Trader Joe's Brazilian-style cheese bread is so delicious, you'll fill up on just this alone.


Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice

With three-and-a-half servings per container, this chicken fried rice will last you more meals than one. Pair it with dumplings or add it to the side of a much larger meal; it's versatile (and tasty) enough to be eaten with or without other foods.


Trader Joe's Hold the Corn Appetizers

Rice cones filled with sweet corn and vegetables? This sounds like the perfect appetizer before a tasty dinner.


Trader Joe's Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons

Even smaller and more bite-size than the gyoza, these mini wontons are so fun to pop in your mouth. You can arrange them on a platter with toothpicks and soy sauce for dipping, and people won't be able to get enough.


Trader Joe's Spizzico di Pizza

Ideal for game days, dinner parties, or whatever else you have in store, these Trader Joe's spizzico di pizza bites will be a fan favorite.


Trader Joe's A Dozen Sweet Bites

A frozen box filled with 12 mini cakes, these sweet bites will cure your sugar craving in no time. You can choose between three different flavors (chocolate and coffee opera cake, raspberry macaron aux framboises cake, and caramel and chocolate cake), and nibble on them all night long!


Trader Joe's Roasted Potatoes With Peppers and Onions

Equipped with peppers and onions mixed in, these roasted potatoes are a great breakfast item. Paired with salsa, eggs, and toast, and you'll like them even more.


Trader Joe's Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

With swiss and parmesan cheeses and just the right amount of herbs and spices, this rich dip will leave you scraping the bottom of the barrel. The dip comes in a convenient package that allows you to dump the whole thing into a bowl at once, and it's the perfect serving size for a few people to finish it off. You don't run the risk of letting a half-eaten jar sit in your fridge for months. It gets warm and bubbly in mere minutes and tastes great with pita chips, crackers, or carrots.


Trader Joe's Burrata, Prosciutto, and Arugula Flatbread

If you love burrata, prosciutto, arugula, and flatbread, then imagine all four ingredients mixed together! This Trader Joe's specialty flatbread takes store-bought pizza to a whole new scrumptious level.


Trader Joe's Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes

Pancake-lovers will obsess over these organic silver dollar pancakes. Toss them in the toaster for five minutes while you're getting ready and return to a crispy, soft, and tasty treat. You'll be hooked in no time.


Trader Joe's Pimento Cheese Puffs

A puff pastry filled with pimento cheese, uncured bacon, and caramelized onions? Sign us up. These frozen pastries taste amazing crisped in the oven and make a great appetizer.


Trader Joe's Chipotle Vegetable Quesadillas

Take the traditional quesadilla to the next level when you cook up this vegetarian option. Each flour tortilla is packed with gooey Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses and stuffed with smoked jalapeños, savory onions, black beans, and sweet corn. You'll notice the rich chipotle sauce every time you bite into it.


Trader Joe's Chicken Tikka Samosas

Frozen samosas can be hit or miss, but Trader Joe's chicken tikka samosas deserve a spot in your shopping cart for sure. Like little pockets of chicken tikka masala, one of our favorite entrees, these mini samosas are perfectly crispy, salty, and spicy. They get nice and golden brown in the oven, and the filling doesn't spill out of the sides.


Trader Joe's Egg Frittata With Swiss Cheese and Cauliflower

Need breakfast and need it fast? These egg frittatas are for you. Filled with swiss cheese and cauliflower, these will wake you up in no time. Pro tip: add hot sauce.


Trader Joe's French Onion Macaroni & Cheese

The two best foods put together, this mac and cheese will change the way you do appetizers. Since this is so good, we suggest getting a few and putting them into little saucers so everyone can have their own helping. Enjoy!


Trader Joe's Brioche French Toast

Is your mouth watering yet? This Trader Joe's brioche french toast contains four slices of french toast, and comes ready to be served! Whether you heat your toast in a toaster, microwave it, or cook it in the oven, this snack paired with bacon, sausage, hash browns, or any breakfast side makes a flavorful treat.


Trader Joe's Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers

If you love buffalo chicken, then these buffalo style chicken poppers will wind you right up. The outside has the perfect crunch while the spicy chicken inside will bring you to life.


Trader Joe's Cheese-Less Cheesecakes

OK, vegans, get ready for your taste buds to be blown out of the water. Trader Joe's cheese-less cheesecakes are here, and you'd never believe how good they taste. Throw them in the freezer for a few hours, and you'll have yourself a yummy dessert.