Purple Pancakes, Anyone? Trader Joe's Now Has Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

Breakfast is about to get a colorful glow-up, thanks to Trader Joe's new Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix. If you haven't heard of ube (pronounced oo-beh) before, it's a purple yam that hails from the Philippines, so yes, we're talkin' purple pancakes and waffles here, people! The gluten-free mix blends rice flour with ube puree and, when combined with water, eggs, and melted butter or oil, it yields a pastel batter. Once fully cooked on a skillet or waffle iron, the resulting "sweet, chewy breakfast treat" ends up being more of a brown-ish color on the outside and purple on the inside.

True Trader Joe's fanatics know this isn't the store's first foray into the Instagram-worthy world of ube. Last summer, the grocery chain rolled out ice cream pints made with the purple spud, and shoppers couldn't get enough of the pretty dessert. From the looks of it, the brand-new pancake and waffle mix is already garnering similar interest, as the $4 boxes have been flying off the shelves so far. Check out a few customer photos ahead to see what the 'cakes look like IRL. May we suggest making some TikTok-famous pancake cereal with the batter?