You'll Have the Time of Your Life Looking at This Dirty Dancing Halloween Lawn Decor

Sure, we love spooky Halloween lawn decorations that feature creepy gravestones or classic horror movie villains, but Halloween decor devoted to the classic '80s movie Dirty Dancing? Now that's taking things up to an entirely new and clever level.

Twitter user Joseph Lee decided to celebrate Halloween this year by decking his yard out with skeletons reenacting the iconic dance lift from the film. One skeleton is dressed in garb similar to what Patrick Swayze wore as Johnny in the classic film, while the other skeleton wears a pink dress just like Jennifer Grey's character, Baby. (Well, the song does say they had the time of their lives, so skeletons actually make sense.) Two clever gravestones nearby read "Had the time of my life" and "Nobody puts baby in the ground." Cue the sappy love songs — I think we have a new Halloween tradition!