This $15 Scrub Daddy Halloween Sponge Set Will Keep Your Kitchen So Clean, It's Spooky

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Doing the dishes will suck a little less this fall with these super-cute Scrub Daddy Halloween sponges. Effective, versatile, and frighteningly festive, these cleaning must haves actually work and are fun to look at all season long. After the temperature-adjusting sponges made their debut on Shark Tank years ago, they've been filling the shelves of our favorite stores (like Target) ever since. With cheeky designs and festive shapes, we must say that the Halloween theme is our favorite so far (besides, of course, the Christmas ones!). From cleaning up the sticky mess of candy apple dippings to washing away the fake blood that oozed onto your bathroom sink, these sponges can handle anything, any time of year. Complete with a ghost, pumpkin, and Frankenstein, this three-sponge set is also affordably priced at $15. Shop the Scrub Daddy Halloween Sponge Set ($15) now, and get in the spooky season spirit every time you clean!