Inhale Some Relaxation by Creating an At-Home Spa Experience With Eucalyptus

If you dabble in the art of self-care, there's a good chance you've heard a thing or two about the calming powers of eucalyptus. Even if you're not a relaxation savant, you've probably seen eucalyptus essential oils on your Whole Foods run or while wandering aimlessly through Target's home section. This multifaceted and divine-smelling plant has tons of uses, from improving dental health to repelling bugs. And since eucalyptus is rich in antioxidants, it has worked its way into many self-care rituals.

If you're looking to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home, a great place to start is by hanging eucalyptus in your shower. Aside from promoting super-relaxing vibes, its chemical compounds may also help clear nasal congestion, so whether you want to create an elevated atmosphere or to simply breathe better (hello, allergies!), there are many benefits to hanging a eucalyptus bundle in your shower. POPSUGAR spoke to some experts to learn more about the benefits of using eucalyptus.

What are the benefits of hanging eucalyptus in the shower?

Hanging eucalyptus bundles can make your bath atmosphere feel luxurious, but there's more to eucalyptus than aesthetics. Ever wondered why eucalyptus is available in chest rubs and used in humidifiers? "Studies have found it to support expectoration, which is like eliminating congestion from the lungs, throat, or nose, for example," herbalist Rachelle Robinett said. Hanging a bundle in the shower is an easy way to clear your system naturally, and, as Robinett explained, "Essential oils can absorb through the skin, or the thin mucous membranes in our nose and lungs."

And the deep relaxation that eucalyptus creates can lead to additional benefits. "Hanging eucalyptus inside your shower can have a lot of benefits, like reducing stress and pain relief," said Aqsa Tabassam, an expert gardener with a background in biotechnology.

How long does a eucalyptus bundle last?

Most experts agree that eucalyptus bundles last anywhere between two to four weeks. "A medium-sized stem can last up to four weeks if you use your shower multiple times a day," Tabassam said. An expert trick to knowing when to hang a new bundle? "When it loses its scent, that means you've inhaled the last of the essential oils, and it's time to replace," Robinett said.

What are the benefits of creating a spa at home?

You don't need a spa membership or to spend a ton of money to enjoy the luxury of a relaxing spa day. In fact, turning your space into your own personal spa has many benefits to our health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, and combatting headaches. "Creating an atmosphere similar to spas can help you sleep better at night," Tabassam said. "Spas use dim lights and scented candles that have a very calming effect and help you relax after a stressful day. Doing it at home has the same effect but with the added comfort of your own home, enabling you to fall asleep faster and deeper." If you're in the market for a luxurious spa day without ever stepping outside, a steamy shower with eucalyptus will certainly do the trick.