Have You Ever Seen a More Perfect Piece of Furniture Than These Succulent Planter Tables?

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The perfect piece of furniture doesn't exi—

Before I could finish that sentence, BloomingTables entered stage left, covered in leaves and ready to steal my entire paycheck. The San Diego-based brand sells an array of sleek tables that double as giant leakproof planters you can fill with succulents, flowers, cacti, herbs, or whatever other greenery you prefer. Topped with a removable glass surface and equipped with a twistable valve for draining excess water, the design is both functional and decorative, so you're truly getting the best of both worlds à la Hannah Montana. Talk about a major work-from-home aesthetic upgrade.

It's important to note that BloomingTables does not technically provide plants with any order — it's up to you to map out exactly what your terrarium-esque table will look like on the inside, which is half the fun. Will you go for classic soil or jazz things up with some colorful pebbles? Do overflowing vines speak to you, or are tiny multicolored succulents more your speed? With our tips for keeping indoor houseplants alive in your back pocket, you can't go wrong. Check out some stunning photos ahead to see how BloomingTables customers have styled their tables at home, then keep reading to shop the brand's botanical coffee tables, desks, side tables, and more.

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