Schitt's Creek Fan Turns Front Yard Into Mini Rosebud Motel For Christmas, and WOW

One Schitt's Creek superfan in Washington went all out with his lawn decorations for Christmas this year — and when I say "all out," I truly mean it. Seattle resident Richard Knowles built an exact replica of the Rosebud Motel in his front yard, successfully putting all inflatable snowmen and string-light-wrapped trees to shame.

Located in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, the display measures a whopping 25 feet wide and 12 feet tall and is adorned with impressively detailed additions, including an "Elect Moira Rose For Town Council" sign, an Elmdale Chronicle newspaper box, an old-school soda machine, Moira's beloved flower pots, and three motel room doors. Oh, and Richard also hung up some colorful Christmas lights for a dazzling holiday touch. Ooo bébé, did he nail it!

Thanks to posts on the main Schitt's Creek subreddit and Instagram account, the mini motel's existence has caught the attention of die-hard Schittheads who are now masking up and flocking to visit the handmade attraction in person — some even dressing up in costumes. Seeing as we don't all live in the Seattle area and teleportation devices don't yet exist, we gathered up all the must-see photos so you can virtually visit from your home. Check 'em all out ahead to feel just a little bit closer to the Rose family this holiday season.

Here's What the Rosebud Motel Looks Like on Schitt's Creek
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Here's What the Rosebud Motel Looks Like on Schitt's Creek

Pictures of the Rosebud Motel Replica in Seattle