Trader Joe's Is Selling "Twirling Teacup Plants," and, Uh, Can You Say Cute?

If you like all things tiny and cute, we've got great news for you: Trader Joe's is selling "Twirling Teacup" plants, and we're blushing over their vibrant colors and fun texture. The plant pots come in a purple, green, and off-white color, and have a decorative pattern that gives them their loveable character. And, because they're teacups, there's even a convenient handle that helps you carry the plant around your house. The pots are equipped with all different types of clippings, so pick whichever plant speaks to you, and get to decorating! We suggest a windowsill, shelf, or even an office desk for these leafy greens. Trader Joe's instructions for the plants are plain and simple: water them when the soil gets dry (so try not to overthink it!). See more of Trader Joe's twirling teacup plants ahead.