Trader Joe's Is Selling Yoga People Planters, and They're Really Freakin' Cute

First came Trader Joe's ever-popular yoga skeleton planters (available around Halloween), and now the beloved grocery chain is back with a version that can work as year-round decor. That's right, TJ's has stocked its shelves with non-scary yoga planters, and you're going to want these adorably zen white pots in every room of your home. The planters — which vary in leafy greens — come in different resting positions that will fill your space with personality, and their chill vibes will make everyone feel welcome.

You can pick up one of these restful planters for just $6 in most Trader Joe's stores, but prices from store to store may vary. Nevertheless, they're selling out fast, so if you see one at your local TJ's we suggest snatching it up ASAP. Keep reading to see just how chill these planters are, ahead.