Meet the Celebs Who Are Nominated For Latin Grammys' Best New Artist

Getty Images/Alexander Tamargo
Getty Images/Alexander Tamargo

The Latin Grammys are just a few hours away, and we cannot wait! There are so many incredibly talented new Latinx artists being honored at the annual awards ceremony this year, and while some of them you may already be familiar with, some of these musicians are really new to the mainstream music scene. So, in the interest of getting as hype as possible before the award show, we're here to introduce you to all of the best new artist nominees, just in time for you to binge listen to their music and decide who you're rooting for in this category.

We're talking about the future of Latin music here, so whether you're a casual listener or a real music buff, keep scrolling to get to know the Latin Grammys' 11 best new artist nominees before the show, which will air on Univision on Thursday, November 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

Giulia Be

Giulia Be is a 22-year-old Brazilian singer from Rio de Janeiro, best known for her breakout song, "With You," featuring Brazil's DJ Zerb. Her first album, Solta, was released in 2020 and quickly became popular in her home country thanks to her sultry voice and laid-back vibe. Giulia sings in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Mid-tempo songs, like "Inesquecível" feat. Luan Santana, define her sound, but she has a few club bops as well.

María Becerra

Argentine singer and former YouTuber María Becerra is one of the more well-known artists nominated for best new artist at the Latin Grammys this year thanks to hits like "Qué Más Pues?" with J Balvin, "Miénteme," and "Wow, Wow" featuring Becky G. The 21-year-old is actually the first Latinx artist to be signed to 300 Entertainment, the same label that also reps Megan Thee Stallion and Fetty Wap. She's primed to be one of the biggest names in urban pop music in Argentina.


Also out of Argentina is 23-year-old Bizarrap, also known as Gonzalo Julián Conde, whose Latin trap beats have been garnering him a lot of attention. The young DJ and producer has already worked with big names in Latin music like reggaetón star Nicky Jam and Anuel AA on what he's dubbed his "Bizarrap Sessions," a series of freestyles that are super popular on YouTube. Bizarrap is also nominated for producer of the year.


Panamanian rapper Boza's career has been picking up steam quickly over the past couple of years thanks to his social media presence. The 24-year-old, whose given name is Humberto Ceballos Boza, has been rapping since he was 16. In 2019, he was signed by Sony Music Central America after his song "Lollipop" went viral. Interestingly, he spent time in jail when he was 17, and he credits that time to when he wrote a lot of the music that propelled him into stardom.

Zoe Gotusso

Formerly a member of the two-person band Salvapantallas with Santiago Celli, Argentinian singer-songwriter Zoe Gotusso, released her first solo album in 2020. Mi Primer Día Triste is full of soft, chill tracks, like "Maria" and "El Cuerpo," that would appeal to fans of popular American artists like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.


Humbe is a young Mexican singer-songwriter best known for his impressive vocal range and the incredibly high notes he hits in songs like 2021's "El Poeta," off his debut album, Entropía. Humbe has been playing music since he was just 9 years old and has already earned himself the emerging artist award at the 2021 MTV MIAW Awards and the new artist award at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Mexico.

Rita Indiana

Dominican music star and author Rita Indiana, also known as "La Montra" and formerly of the merengue group Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, took a decade-long break from the music scene before returning as a solo artist in 2020 with the album Mandinga Times, which was produced by Calle 13's Eduardo Cabra. The hit song "Como Un Dragón," which fuses various genres of urban Latin music with Rita's powerful lyricism, quickly made Rita relevant again after her extended hiatus.


With three albums under his belt, 33-year-old Venezuelan singer Lasso isn't exactly a newbie in the music industry. In fact, he's been at it for over a decade, but it's his 2020 pop album, Cuatro Estaciones, that's led to a shift in his career. It was released in four different parts, each representing a different season of the year, and features collaborations with artists including Danna Paola on "Ladrones" and Ana Guerra on "Los Amigos No Se Besan en la Boca."

Paloma Mami

Chilean-American singer Paloma Mami's gorgeous vocals nabbed her a record deal back in 2018 when her independently produced track "Not Steady" went viral. She released her first album, Sueños de Dalí, early in 2021. Fusing both of her cultures, the 22-year-old sings in Spanglish on hits like "For Ya" and has already garnered the support of big names in the music industry like iconic Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, whom she teamed up with on the song "Qúe Rico Fuera."

Marco Mares

Marco Mares is a singer from Mexico City whose pop ballads have become increasingly popular since he landed on the scene in 2014. It was his 2021's R&B-influenced album, Curitas, that helped him reach a new level of stardom, though. The English-infused "Amable" is a real standout, and one that shows he has some real potential to turn into a crossover artist if that's his intention.

Juliana Velásquez

The sweet-sounding pop vocals of 23-year-old Bogotá-born actor Juliana Velásquez, who has appeared in TV shows like the telenovela La Gloria de Lucho and the kids' show Noobees have earned her a dedicated fan base and the opportunity to collaborate with artists including Vic Mirallas and Juan Pablo Vega on her self-titled debut album, which was released in April 2021.