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6 Latinx Herbalists Share Their Favorite Winter Remedies

6 Latinx Herbalists Share Their Favorite Remedios Caseros For Seasonal Sickness

6 Latinx Herbalists Share Their Favorite Winter Remedies
Image Source: Pexels / Pixabay

These days, more Latinx folks have been decolonizing their lifestyles and reclaiming ancestral healing practices like Indigenous spirituality or herbal medicine. Winter is officially here, and what a great time to rekindle ancestral connections by using plants that our predecessors may have used in their homelands.

Our communities are recognizing and embracing the knowledge of our ancestors, which for years was ignored and stigmatized. We are reclaiming these lost rituals that we've been conditioned for centuries to believe are bad. Not only are these holistic practices good for nourishing and healing our bodies, but many Latinx folks are finding themselves empowered by these practices, as they connect them to their native lands and their ancestors.

We spoke to several Latinx herbalists who shared their favorite remedios caseros (homemade remedies) to use as we transition to colder weather.

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