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Jennifer Lopez Street Style 2017

Next Time You Think of the Star With the Best Street Style, You'll Think of J Lo

Jennifer Lopez Street Style 2017
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Red carpet or not, Jennifer Lopez always looks like she belongs on the pages of a fashion magazine. J Lo doesn't just pull out all the stops at events, she wears outfits worthy of your attention even when running errands on a weekend.

The star can wear a supersexy short lace dress, leggings and bright sneakers, and a crop top and flared pants set, probably all on the same day. If she feels sexy, she'll wear the highest heels. If she wants to go low-key, she'll pair her sweatpants with an Hermès bag like it's no problem. It's about being in the moment. Scroll ahead to see what we mean by checking out Jennifer's best street style moments of the year so far.

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