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Telenovela Costars Who Became Real-Life Couples

15 Telenovela Costars Who Found Love Off Screen

Telenovela Costars Who Became Real-Life Couples

Growing up with Univision and Telemundo constantly playing in the background means that I fell in love with telenovela romances more than I fell in love with any Disney princess fairy tale. Looking back, relationship goals for me were all about that Mia and Miguel love — minus the Gossip Girl-esque drama that surrounded that Rebelde romance.

And because novela love is just sooo deep, we swoon every time a TV duo crosses over to become a couple IRL, immediately picturing their wedding and happy future, just like we do with their characters. For some, it works — just look at Sebastián Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos — but for others, the passion off screen just doesn't live up to the novela standards. Either way, we loved them then, and we love them now.

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