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Disney Princess Pinup Girl Photos

The Disney Princesses Have an Epic Pajama Party in This Pinup Girl Photo Shoot

Disney Princess Pinup Girl Photos

What would happen if all the Disney princesses got together and had a sleepover? Total magic and glamour would ensue, obviously. In this princess pajama party photo shoot, you can see all your favorite characters in their adorable PJs.

"I always have 10 different mashups or photo shoot plans going on in my mind; I think I just wanted to try and envision what a 1950s-type pinup pajama party might look like à la Grease, if instead if it was our beloved Disney princesses," said Allison Erland aka Lady Damfino, who portrays Snow White in the shoot. Keep reading to check out all the selfies, pillow fights, and killer ensembles.

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