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Etsy Gifts That Support Women

23 Etsy Gifts That Support Women's Rights and Other Important Causes

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There's no easy way to say it, but it's been a pretty f*cking rough couple of weeks. Many Americans are experiencing what can only be described as a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming holiday season. Sorry Starbucks, not even your holiday cup lineup can cheer us up. The harsh reality of Trump's election has divided families, threatened religious freedoms, and cast a cloud of fear over our country — so, yeah, you could say we're not really feeling in the mood to celebrate.

But it's not all negative — this most recent national tragedy has also incited a desire to do and be better as well as a spark of activism and charity work to empower those feeling helpless during this dark time. So while some may be thinking the holidays seem inappropriate or, even simpler, emotionally challenging, we think it's an opportunity to give back — and so do many Etsy sellers.

In the wake of the election, many Etsy sellers are donating a portion of proceeds to charities that need our help now more than ever, such as Planned Parenthood, RAINN, and the ACLU. Thus, these items represent an opportunity not to overlook what has happened or set emotions aside for the holiday season, but instead to help support others, to incorporate activism into this joyous time, and to share a message of hope with the people you love. Time to get shopping.

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