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Female Celebrities Who Would Make the Best Friends

9 Famous Women Who'd Make the Best BFFs

Female Celebrities Who Would Make the Best Friends
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Author Elyssa Friedland's page-turning debut novel, Love and Miss Communication, explores the rewards and complexities of female friendships among other hot topics like Internet addiction and why we always want what we can't have. And speaking of things we can't have, here's her roster of celebrities who would make the best BFFS.

Who doesn't want a celebrity for a best friend? Gayle King knows a thing or two about the perks of having a BFF in the spotlight. Here's my roundup of the top nine ladies I wish would call me for lunch. I live in New York City but will gladly travel for a girls' night.

I'd love to hear who you want as your celebrity BFF and why! Share with me on Twitter.

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