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Interesting Orgasm Facts

9 Things You Didn't Know About Your Orgasm

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When it comes to your big "O," you probably already know just how good it feels and have a few tricks up your sleeve for reaching that climax. However, there's more to the orgasm than there seems, and you might be pretty surprised by these facts about your orgasm that can actually make a difference to your sex life. By understanding how an orgasm works and how it affects the body, you can use the knowledge to your advantage in maximizing those mind-blowing results. For instance, certain positions can make your orgasm stronger. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when you're getting frisky between the sheets, solo or with a partner.

1. Your Orgasm Can Be Better on Your Period

Here's a reason why your monthly flow isn't so bad after all. "During your menstrual cycle, your body goes through many hormonal shifts that affect everything from sleep, food cravings, and of course, libido. The increase blood flow to the pelvis can make your genitals more sensitive, therefore creating a stronger orgasm," Alicia Sinclair, CEO of b-Vibe, LeWand, and The Cowgirl and certified sex educator told POPSUGAR. "Not to mention, period blood can serve as natural lubricant that makes intercourse more comfortable," she adds.

2. You Can Have Multiple Orgasms

It's OK to be greedy here. You don't need to stop at just one. "Women do not have a refractory period, like men do. Therefore, they can be stimulated multiple times in a row and continue to have increased blood flow to the vagina and increased heart rate," Amanda Pasciucco, LMFT, CST certified sex therapist told POPSUGAR. Every person (and body) is different, though. "Some can achieve multiple orgasms every time they have sex, while for others it's a feat. [The] most important tip to get there is to ease your mind," says Sinclair. "If you're stressed about getting to multiple O's, it'll be harder to achieve," she says. After the first orgasm, keep the arousal high with kissing and touching, so you can build back up to another big O. "This is often referred to as 'riding the waves' of pleasure," she says.

3. You Can Get Orgasms in Other Areas of the Body

Since every body and mind is different, there are endless erogenous zones, and to that point, many different types of orgasms can happen. "One (of a billion) examples, is that G-spot orgasms are commonly known to be more full-body, deeper and sometimes even more emotional orgasms compared to more surface level, 'quick high' clitoral orgasms," says Sinclair. It's important to remember that outside of the many different types of orgasms, the sensations can vary from person to person, too. "One person's G-spot orgasm can feel different than another's, and one person may orgasm via nipple play while another may feel nothing," she adds.

4. You Can Get Orgasms Outside the Bedroom

We don't just mean doing it on the kitchen counter on the couch. You can get an orgasm in unexpected places, such as during a workout. There's such a thing as a "coregasm," where you can achieve climax in the midst of a heated workout session or a few reps of abdominal work. The best advice here is to just go with it, allowing your mind and body to cave into the pleasure. (Perhaps discreetly, though.)

5. Your Pelvic Muscles Matter

You can easily make your orgasms more intense by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which can be done outside the bedroom through various exercises, such as yoga and pilates work, and kegel exercises. "Doing regular kegel exercises are also a great way to increase your pleasure sensations – a strong pelvic floor can give you the strength to have multiple orgasms," says Sinclair.

6. Don't Forget the Cervix

"It is important to note that when a woman gets turned on, her cervix lifts up. This creates more room for deeper penetration," explains Pasciucco. "For some, deep penetration that stimulates the cervix can provide a unique sensation that fills the abdominal region with pleasure. For others, stimulating the cervix can be uncomfortable, or even painful. It's all about personal preference," says Sinclair. If you are planning to try playing with the cervix, note that different times during your menstrual cycle might lead to different sensations. For example, right before menstruation the cervix is a little lower, making it easier to reach with a partner or a toy, she says.

What's more, it's best to approach cervical stimulation slowly and carefully. "First start after you're already turned on with foreplay. Then introduce pressure on the cervix with a finger, dildo or deep penetration," says Dr. Jennifer Landa, an OB/GYN and owner of BodyLogicMD of Orlando. Doggie-style is the position that's known to best stimulate the cervix, although some women would rather be on top to control the depth of penetration and cervical stimulation, she says.

7. Rubbing Your Tummy Can Make Your Orgasm Better

When you're about to come, reach for your belly and give it a good rub. "When you rub your belly, you're adding pressure to the pelvic region – the same area that's being stimulated internally or externally to reach climax. The extra pressure can add extra stimulation to those muscles and pressure points to create a stronger orgasm," says Sinclair. It can also increase G-spot stimulation. "Rubbing the low pelvis/belly may help to improve G-spot stimulation by bringing the bladder and urethra closer to the fingers/dildo or penis that are penetrating and stimulating the g-spot from the inside. Some women find this stimulation extremely pleasurable, even to the point of achieving female ejaculation (squirting) but some women don't find this enjoyable at all," adds Landa.

8. You Could Feel the Effects Once the Orgasm Ends

Orgasms don't always last for the same amount of time, and you could feel the sensation for longer than it's actually going on for. "Again, orgasms can vary so much from person to person. Orgasms for people with vulvas can last anywhere from three to 60 seconds, and some may even report feeling the sensations longer than that," Sinclair says. Depending on how strong the contractions are in your pelvic floor, you may feel the rippling sensation of an orgasm for a longer period of time (which is pretty awesome, to be honest).

9. Marijuana May Make It More Intense

If you're in a state that has legal marijuana and are interested, women sometimes report that orgasms seem to last longer when exposed to pot. "As marijuana becomes more commonly available in different states, it will be interesting to see what the research shows about the effects of marijuana on female orgasm based on the internet chatter and anecdotal reports," says Landa. "It seems to me that marijuana will be a mainstay in the treatment of female sexual disorders because at the heart of many women's issues with sex and orgasm is that they have a running commentary in their mind on their sexual performance and engage in what researchers call a high degree of 'self-monitoring,'" she says. Marijuana (or at least certain strains of it) seems to take people out of their heads and put them more solidly into their bodies, allowing for more sensual experiences in bed.

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