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What Do Sex Dreams Mean?

Not everyone remembers their dreams regularly, but when they do, the memory of them can often be pretty vivid or unforgettable. Sex dreams in particular can leave you wondering what in your life provoked you to create those thoughts. What's important to know is that even if you're in a happy relationship, it's totally normal to have a sexual dream. People have them all the time.

Another thing to know is just because you had a sex dream about someone, it doesn't necessarily mean you desire a sexual relationship with them. In fact, the dream could have nothing to do with sex at all.

Often, when someone shows up in your sex dream, it's because they have a trait or quality that you admire. It's simply a sign that you appreciate that person and want to be closer to them.

If you're having dreams about an ex, according to Psychology Today, the problem could be that your brain hasn't switched gears yet. Sex with a new person you're dating may be triggering old neurological patterns bringing you back to the past.

So don't spend too much time analyzing your sex dream the next time you wake up with the memory of one. It's a natural thing that people have all the time and it probably has nothing to do with your actual sexual desires.

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