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At Home Valentine's Day Ideas

21 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas That'll Top Any Average Night In

At Home Valentine's Day Ideas
Image Source: Getty / Westend61

As many of us have come to find, celebrating love in wake of a pandemic can be a bit of a challenge. Online dating has — for the most part — remained strictly online, and date nights with your SO have toned down quite a bit from their normal dinner-and-a-movie standard. While state COVID-19 restrictions are ever-changing, there's one recommendation that's remained constant: stay at home. And yes, believe it or not, there's a lot of date ideas that you can do to make this Valentine's Day stand out from the rest. From virtual cooking classes to scavenger hunts to backyard campouts and more, see all of the creative ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day from the comfort of your home, ahead.

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