Looking to Get Matching Tattoos With Your BFF? These Disney Ideas Are Perfect For Pairs

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Well, there's nothing more magical than Disney ink. With sweet designs that include your favorite characters, Disney tattoos are so fun and cute. If you're looking to get inked with your best friend, there are countless tattoo designs that would be a perfect way of expressing your bond that can't be broken. Chip and Dale make for cute ankle tattoos, while the iconic Mickey ears would look adorable no matter where you get them. Read on for the best matching Disney tattoo inspiration, and get ready to get inked with your BFF!

Matching Mouse Ear Tattoos

Piglet and Eeyore Tattoos

Matching Castle Tattoos

To Infinity and Beyond Tattoos

Matching Swirl Mickey Mouse Tattoos

Frozen Friends Tattoos

Anna and Elsa Tattoos

Colors of the Wind Tattoos

Lilo & Stitch Tattoos

Mickey Ears With Heart Tattoos

Mickey Ears With Initials Tattoos

Timon and Pumba Outline Tattoos

Watercolor Mickey Ears Tattoos

"To Infinity and Beyond" Tattoos

Ohana Tattoos

Peter Pan Tattoos

Stitch and Mickey Tattoos

Kronk and Yzma Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland Character Tattoos

Matching Dumbo Tattoos

Dory and Marlin Tattoos

Lilo & Stitch Tattoos

Peter Pan's John and Michael Tattoos

Chip 'n' Dale Dancing Tattoos

Mickey Ear Outline With Initials Tattoos

Toy Story Rocket Ship and Planet Tattoos

Matching Mary Poppins Tattoos

Matching Watercolor Castle Tattoos

Matching Houses From Up Tattoos

Toy Story Tattoos