This Ride-on-Top Vibrator Is Teaching Me More About My Body Than Any Other Sex Toy

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Learning what you like in bed and how to find the right angles to reach orgasm is typically an on-the-job education. Sex toys can certainly help, but you simply can't simulate certain real-life sex scenarios by yourself. A typical vibrator doesn't work with cowgirl position, and it's awkward and challenging to attempt doggy style.

So, when I learned straddle-style vibrators were a thing, I was intrigued, and when Motorbunny (starting at $899) offered to send me one, I was ecstatic!

Make no mistakes about it, this is a sex machine. While it is very expensive, it's also completely elevated from any other sex toy I've tried. It has a motor for vibration and another for either a thrusting or twirling motion, depending on the model. It comes with a variety of 100-percent silicone attachments in different sizes and angles, and even a nonpenetrating rub-only attachment for clitoral stimulation only. The company offers other accessories like a knee pad attachment and a wedge that allows you to flip the machine on its side for right angle penetration. Hello, doggy style!

I'll admit I was intimidated at first, but once I got on (and got off!), I realized the real value of this ride-on-top vibrator. The Motorbunny allows me to play around and test out different angles and rhythms outside of partnered sex. Don't get me wrong, I love having sex with my partner, but it's also really fun to experiment without the pressure of knowing someone wants me to orgasm or the distracting negative thoughts about how my body looks. It's like higher-level education on my pleasure points, which in turn makes for even better sex with my partner.

I've also started experimenting with getting close to orgasm then pulling back. This is much easier to do with the Motorbunny than in the moment with the man I love. The more I develop this self-control, the bigger and longer-lasting orgasms I have ahead of me.

I haven't explored the app yet, but they have one. The Motorbunny Link technology provides preprogrammed vibration and thrusting routines to try out, music syncing, and allows wireless control from anywhere in the world, so if you're in a long-distance relationship, you can have a lot of fun with this.

It will likely be the most expensive vibrator you've purchased, but financing options are available. It will be a valuable investment into your body, your orgasms, and your confidence in bed, and that's always worth it.