I Had a Threesome With My Boyfriend and Aunt Flo, and the Results Were Orgasmic

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For some, the very idea of period sex immediately summons the image of a bloody crime scene. But for me, it was the formula for the hottest sex of my life.

It all started when my boyfriend at the time and I were planning a sexy overnight staycation, and I realized that I'd likely be starting my period around the time we went. We hadn't been dating very long, and we hadn't discussed period sex before, so I had no idea if my period would be a major turnoff for him. But I knew my stance: I was super down to try it.

Period sex is often stigmatized, viewed as something dirty — and not in the sexy dirty way. But frankly, I've always felt incredibly horny while on my period. During other times of the month, I often struggled to reach orgasm. But when I was riding the red wave, little things like making out and dry humping felt euphoric.

So while the idea of period sex brought up some self-consciousness — what if I pass a blood clot or the sex triggers an extra-heavy flow? — I was also really interested in trying it out. I had a feeling it might end up being some of the best sex of my life.

For some, the very idea of period sex immediately summons the image of a bloody crime scene. But for me, it was the formula for the hottest sex of my life.

When I brought this up to my boyfriend, he had zero complaints about my eagerness to have sex — period or not. He saw my period as a natural function of my body, not something that should be considered gross. (It also helped that he wasn't at all sensitive to blood in general.) So once we got to our hotel to kick off our little vacay, we didn't waste any time before laying a towel down on the bed and getting to work.

Once the towel was in place, my partner playfully pinned me down, pressed against my body, and kissed from my neck down to my breasts. Quickly, our clothes came off. Each touch on my bare skin made my entire body ache for him to be inside me. My legs wrapped around his shoulders — one of my favorite positions in missionary, because it allows for deeper penetration — and he pulled me closer.

"Should I get the lube?" he asked. I smiled, knowing that I was already fully lubricated with the flow of my period and how horny I was for him. "I don't think that's necessary," I said.

When he entered me, I hesitated a bit; I was worried about what he might see on the condom when he pulled out. But before I could think too much about it, I got lost in the initial sensations of his thrusts. Based on his breathing and how hard he gripped my hips, it was clear he was just as into it as I was.

As he moved in and out, every touch and caress from his hands to my body felt amplified. My horniness was at a maximum level. Before long, I was completely into it; any lingering nerves had melted away. We moved from missionary to doggy style, then cowgirl, experimenting with how my extra-sensitive body responded to each position, before moving back to missionary. That's when I felt the orgasmic build-up I'd been waiting for.

Right before I was about to orgasm, my boyfriend crossed my legs without leaving my body, and I started rubbing my clit simultaneously. My legs began to shake and my breathing became still, and that's when it happened. The orgasm was better than anything I had ever experienced.

The sensations were addicting — it was like a sensory overload, and I just wanted more, and more, and more. We continued going multiple rounds, and my multiple orgasms seemed to flutter in with no signs of stopping. It was clear my period made sex even more pleasurable.

While period sex may not be all that practical — it is a mess and does require some extra cleanup, as we learned that day — my experience proved that sometimes, when you step out of what's "normal" in your sexual routine, you may see the benefit of exploring the things that intrigue you, even if they're a little intimidating.

Looking back at that moment, I finally understood what it's like to have good sex. And while it may have taken me some time to get there, it was a reminder to trust my body and desires. Clearly, there was a reason I was always so horny on my period — there was a whole world of untapped pleasure waiting for me.