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1940s Baby Names

40 Baby Names Inspired by the Wild 1940s

From Franklin D. Roosevelt to Thelma and Louise, the 1940s gave us some of our favorite political and social figures — and, in some cases, many of our favorite classic names. For expecting parents seeking something timeless but not boring (or popular enough to rank in the top 10 most popular list year after year), look no further than the decade of film noir, World War II, and swing music.

Girl Names

  1. Barbara
  2. Joyce
  3. Beverly
  4. Frances
  5. Rita
  6. Sylvia
  7. Dolores
  8. Lillian
  9. Florence
  10. Marion
  11. Virginia
  12. Pauline
  13. Thelma
  14. Gwendolyn
  15. Bobbie
  16. Louise
  17. Ruby
  18. Loretta
  19. Constance
  20. Annette

Boy Names

  1. Raymond
  2. Franklin
  3. Arthur
  4. Eugene
  5. Dale
  6. Ernest
  7. Marvin
  8. Leroy
  9. Warren
  10. Floyd
  11. Alvin
  12. Clyde
  13. Herman
  14. Dean
  15. Cecil
  16. Glenn
  17. Bernard
  18. Leon
  19. Vernon
  20. Manuel
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