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Jenna86528 Jenna86528 2 years

How did that harm the person whose baby it was or the baby? That harmed the people who fell for the scam.

Jenna86528 Jenna86528 2 years

I agree with Robert and I'm a parent and a former teacher. As a society, we have become extremely paranoid and somehow think that there is a child predator lurking around every corner and watching your every move just waiting to pounce on that one moment you reveal your child's name or their school or show a picture of them. It's ridiculous. People who believe these things probably watch Law & Order: SVU and treat it like it's reality rather than the fictional show that it is. Or any other law/crime show out there. Now, I personally don't post pictures of my friends' kids with my kids unless I know they don't care, or if I do post a picture that has a friend's kid in it, I don't tag them or post their names or their kids' names out of courtesy. But I am not shy about posting my kids' pictures and telling their stories on my blog or on Facebook because I really don't believe there is any REAL danger. Could there be the slight, .0000001% chance that by posting their picture they become the victim of something, sure, just like if they walk to school in the rain, they might get struck by lightning or they swim in the ocean, they might get attacked by a shark. I also don't believe that knowing where they go to school will matter much either.

Someone here gave an example of an estranged father who could find his kids via social media if the mom posted pictures. Sure, that's an actual real threat and if I had that relationship and situation, I'd be more careful too. But I don't. MOST kids who are abused or assaulted are by someone they know, almost ALWAYS a family member. Almost every single Amber Alert you see is a kid abducted by a FAMILY MEMBER who is estranged, most often the non-custodial parent. I would say those people might have to watch what they do more carefully, but the average person who has no such relationships probably does not.

Jenna86528 Jenna86528 2 years

Familywatchdog shows ALL people on the sex registry. Not all of them are child molesters. And a LOT of people end up on the registry for silly reasons, like peeing in a public place, which isn't sexual in its offense (offensive yes, but not sexual). I agree with Robert. These tips only make parents way more paranoid than they already are. You parents think there are child molesters just waiting for you to post personal information online and standing around every corner waiting for your child? Newsflash: there aren't!

ClaudiaPedersen23969 ClaudiaPedersen23969 2 years

For your information, one of the guys that I used to work with got caught in a sting operation for child porn. He was on the computer and got caught. It is against the law. He is now a sex offender. It doesn't take much to find out information. There are lots of places to find things out. A lot of sites. The perverts can find all this out. I have to say that the guy gave me the creeps and I didn't know why. I have a friends daughter that her husband can tell you at any given time where she is. All from GPS on her phone. So you see it is dangerous to put pictures of kids on the internet. They may not get that child but that doesn't mean that they won't get someone else.

RobertGoodman1392101669 RobertGoodman1392101669 2 years

The club DOES post our team pictures online, and publicizes the players not only online but in a local newspaper. Our games are open public view at no charge. Nudies we don't have, you're on your own for that. (Interesting, though, that this story is illustrated by a stock photo of a child in the bathtub, which means not only is it public, but someone's making money on it. And you can look up the photographer and probably the subject.)

For that matter, if they played on a school team you could probably get a program with their names and what year they're in in school.

PaigeWhittington PaigeWhittington 2 years

I meant Spokeo. I searched and there was years of data. No way to prevent it remove it either

PaigeWhittington PaigeWhittington 2 years

Exactly! Look at Spojeo, or county property records (in US). If I know your name and city-which is kind of easy to find out-I can find your address. Once I know your address I can figure out what school district and schools you belong to. Does that mean we should all pull our children from school? Should we shut down all social media in case the photo you took shows the back of my child walking into school? No. As parents, we are responsible for our children's development and safety. However, I refuse to create an environment or paint a world that promotes isolation and reclusive behavior.

LMikrut1396914589 LMikrut1396914589 2 years

First, I am not a moron, I am actually quite intelligent, second, the registry is there as a tool. The ones that are typically worrisome are the people who go unreported, so in that case, yes the registry is useless. And, many of those people could be on there for having sex with someone a year younger than themselves, but there have been instances when those prosecuted for assaulting little children have been overlooked to go on and do it again because someone at a school didn't do a proper check. Nonetheless, the point was I, and many others, do not agree with posting pictures of little ones in a bathtub online. If that's what you choose to do, fine, to each their own, its a good thing you're not around my child.

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