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Reactions to Istanbul Airport Bombing 2016

This Illustration Is Going Viral After the Istanbul Attack, but Sadly We've Seen It Before

After Tuesday's bombing at Istanbul's Ataturk airport left 41 dead and 240 injured, people are questioning why the tragedy isn't receiving as much attention as Western attacks in places like Paris, Belgium, and Orlando, FL. Those events spawned an outpouring of reactions in traditional and social media that is now lacking.

This powerful illustration about the discrepancy is going viral on Twitter, Imgur, and Instagram.

It wasn't created after this airport bombing, however — you'll notice the flags in the bottom right (those out of the spotlight) are from Turkey and Pakistan. An article in the India Times from March of this year pointed out how it popped up after a car bombing in Ankara, Turkey, that killed more than 30 people and a bombing at an amusement park in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter Sunday that left more than 70 dead flew under our sympathy radars.

Aside from the tragedies themselves, perhaps the biggest sadness is that we're making the people of these predominantly Muslim countries feel forgotten — time and time again.

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