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School in Puerto Rico Gets Power Back After 112 Days

This Viral Video About a Puerto Rico School's Power Is Both Heartwarming and Heartbreaking

¡Luego de 112 días, HA VUELTO LA LUZ! 💡 Alegría indiscutible de todos los que formamos parte de la ABPN. Agradecemos a todos los padres, estudiantes y personal, que ante esta situación han permanecido y nos han continuado respaldando.

Posted by Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Students at a school in Puerto Rico are overjoyed to have their school's power back on 112 days after Hurricane Maria caused widespread devastation across the island. The Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, a K-12 private school in San Juan, shared a video on Facebook that captured the students' ecstatic reactions after they flipped the light switches. "We are grateful to all parents, students, and staff, who have remained and continued to support this situation," the school included in its caption of the video.

The video shows young students, teachers, and staff screaming in delight, jumping with joy, and ringing bells to celebrate the return of electricity. For the last three months, this school (among others in Puerto Rico) has operated without electricity, Cincinnati's WCPO reports. People watching the video can't help but notice how simultaneously heartwarming and depressing the video of the children, who are US citizens, is.

In late December, The New York Times reported that about half of Puerto Ricans were still without power, and some parts of the island might not have it until spring. This video of innocent, happy children at school is a reminder that the effects of Maria are far from over, and there's always more we can do to help.

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