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What Happened at the Texas Republican Debate 2016?

The Top 3 Most Insane Moments From the GOP Debate

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Ahead of Super Tuesday next week, the remaining five GOP candidates gathered for a debate in Texas. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ben Carson talked about health care, immigration, Planned Parenthood, foreign policy, and, oh yeah, fruit salad.

While Carson and Kasich hardly got a word in (Carson had no shame whining about it), the other three front runners battled it out in a heated showdown. Rubio attacked Trump like his political life depended on it (it kinda does), and there was more yelling than a Beyoncé concert. Check out the highlights with these three most buzzed-about moments on Twitter — according to Twitter.

3. Cruz confronts Trump about his previous statements on health care, Trump says he won't let people die on the streets, and there's shouting.

2. Cruz tells Trump to relax, Trump calls Cruz a basket case, and there's more shouting.

1. Rubio says Trump keeps repeating himself, Trump says Rubio is the one who repeats himself, and guess what? Lots of shouting.

(In case you're confused about what Trump is referring to when he bashes on Rubio, here's a refresher.)

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