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The Best SNL Election Skits of All Time

Already Stressed About the 2020 Race? Watch These 11 Iconic SNL Election Skits

The Best SNL Election Skits of All Time
Image Source: NBC

The vicious news cycle around election season is rough. But no matter what, we can count on Saturday Night Live to bring a touch of levity to the influx of political stories as presidential campaigns intensify. As the 2020 presidential race marches on, the cast has given us epic sketches that range from Kate McKinnon as a very spirited Elizabeth Warren to Colin Jost as a Pete Buttigieg who has no idea what to do with his arms. But election skits actually go way back. Historically speaking, SNL has done a slew of election skits, long before the current presidential campaigns. Need we say more about McKinnon's Hillary Clinton or Tina Fey's Sarah Palin? Scroll forward for the best SNL election sketches of all time — and don't forget to mark your calendars for the primaries and election day!

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