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Barnes & Noble Tips

11 Tried-and-True Barnes & Noble Hacks

Whoever said print is dead couldn't be more wrong. Bookstores across the country are still alive and kicking, including the fan-favorite behemoth Barnes & Noble. If you grew up loving your local B&N, check out these 11 hacks for hardcore book consumers.

  1. Grab a coffee before browsing. Snag a hot drink from the Barnes & Noble cafe (Starbucks) before venturing into the book aisles. The energy will give you the boost you need to read without falling asleep! If you're a Starbucks Rewards member, make the most of your perks.
  2. Look for staff recommendations in store. Not sure what to pick for your next read? Watch out for the staff recommendations on the shelves.
  3. Use their blog for book inspiration. Another option for when you're stuck is the Barnes & Noble blog, which has no shortage of curated book lists.
  4. Become a member. The cost of a Barnes & Noble membership comes down to a little over $2 a month per year. Upon joining, you'll receive more than $50 in Bonus Coupons. Perks of the membership include free shipping from the website, awesome deals, and special offers.
  5. Save money by curling up with a book and flipping through. Shorter reads are perfect for a day at Barnes & Noble. Just be sure to buy something at checkout to support the chain.
  6. Buy gifts for friends and family. Barnes & Noble sells books, yes — the corporation also offers toys and games, hobby items and collectibles, movies, and music. There's something for everyone.
  7. Check out the discount section. There's usually a section for sale items up front near the register. Cheap books for the win!
  8. Get your calendar a little bit later in the year. If you wait a little longer to grab your calendar, you'll likely get it for a bargain.
  9. Take advantage of the children's section. Whether you've got little ones of your own or you're just a big kid inside, the children's section of Barnes & Noble is pretty spectacular. Many stores have read-aloud sessions, kid-size tables, imaginative artwork, games, activities, and more.
  10. Download the Nook app. The free Nook reading app has amazing features, including serial reads, audiobooks, daily finds, Barnes & Noble readouts, magazines, newspapers, and more.
  11. Order books on the website. If you're feeling too lazy to leave the couch, you can always order from the website!
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