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How Much Sleep You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Many Hours of Sleep You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign


You may be a night owl or an early riser, but turns out, the stars might have some say in what sleeping patterns you exhibit. And no matter if you're fighting your sign's natural tendencies or not, there might just be a certain number of hours of nightly shut-eye that can keep your body balanced and well, based on the zodiac. (And, get this: the way you meditate for balance is also influenced by your zodiac sign.)

Of course, you're better off listening to your body and the stars here — even if that means hitting the hay earlier than you'd like in order to secure those extra minutes — as you might find yourself getting more sick, tired, or hostile if you're skimping on those zzz's. (And those around you will probably urge you to get some rest, as well.)

Goods news — we found out how many hours you need each night based on your sign in order to avoid being that angry, bitter customer waiting in line at Starbucks on your morning commute. Here, astrologer Joshua MacGuire shares his tips. It's pretty important to follow, as lack of sleep can damage your health long-term.

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