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The Shining House at Universal Halloween Horror Nights

12 Impeccable Details You'll Notice at The Shining House at Halloween Horror Nights

The Shining House at Universal Halloween Horror Nights
Image Source: Everett Collection

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is back for another blood-curdling year at the Hollywood and Orlando parks, and it really brought its A game. In addition to the multiple scare zones (if you hate The Purge, we suggest you sit this one out), there are a whopping nine haunted houses, four of which are totally original. One of the houses brings to life The Shining, one of the most iconic and terrifying movies ever made (based on Stephen King's bestselling book).

And the coolest thing about horror when it's in the hands of Universal is that it makes the experience extremely lifelike. Not only do you get to enter the Overlook Hotel through the hedge maze, but you also have to make your way through the lobby, down those creepy hallways, through Room 237, and back out through the frozen maze again. The attention to detail is insane, and it makes Universal's haunted houses untouchable.

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