Take Our 7-Day Happiness Journaling Challenge!

Studies have shown that writing about your emotions can help reduce stress and anxiety, so why not look to journaling to better your mood? You're more likely to brighten up by actively focusing on the positives of your day-to-day instead of dwelling on what's wrong. Plus, you'll have written reminders to keep you in good spirits the following day. If you want to get out of a weird funk or need some cheering up, we've come up with a seven-day journaling challenge that helps you channel happy thoughts one prompt at a time. Each day for one week you'll be asked to write something different for at least 10 minutes. Doable, right? The idea is to write freely without holding back, and remember: they're your thoughts, so no response is wrong or right.

Day 1

Even if today was terrible, write down everything you're currently grateful for. Explain why you're grateful for these things and how your life would be different without them.

Day 2

Think about your favorite childhood memory and tell it like a story. What about it makes you remember it to this day? Don't leave out any details.

Day 3

Write down everything you're looking forward to in the future, whether it's starting a family or a company or traveling. How can you make some of them happen? Explain why these things excite you.

Day 4

Write about any frustrations, stresses, or worries. When you're finished talking about how they affect you negatively, write about how you can move forward from them and/or what you can do to resolve them.

Day 5

What would make you happy right at this moment? Jot down what's holding you back and how you can be proactive about your happiness.

Day 6

Write a story until the timer is up. Don't worry about whether or not it makes sense, just don't let your pen stop. If you're not feeling very creative, free write about whatever you want.

Day 7

Write yourself a love letter. Before you roll your eyes, just consider giving it a shot and you can always burn it afterward. Include all the qualities you admire about yourself, any accomplishments, and anything else you'd like to give praise.