The Simple Ways You Can Choose Happiness Today — and Every Day

Take a few minutes to scan your life and gauge how much of your day involves you doing something vs. waiting for something to happen. Do you find yourself needing permission to do things? Are you waiting for an opportunity to waltz into your life? Do you hold back on doing what makes you happy because of fear or uncertainty?

I write because it brings me joy. I act because it has been the most fulfilling form of expression for me. Both art forms give space to my hopes, my anguish, and any stirred-up energy I have inside. Via these mediums, I can illuminate ideas, spark conversations, and remind others that we are not alone. When I am looking to ante up my mood or if I find myself anxious or afraid, I put pen to paper or I take my fingers to the keyboard and release.

I think it is absolutely necessary to create a life that inspires and rejuvenates us every single day. I could not imagine a world without books and life without stories. I have the fondest memories of gathering around my tía as a child as her deep, hoarse voice resonated through my being. Her tales struck fear in my heart and opened my eyes to a world of imagination. I am realizing now that she planted the seed of wonder and the lust for life long ago right from her very living room.

We can't simply wish a happy life into existence; we must be the manufacturers and creators of that life.

Not one person in this world is born knowing how to do anything. We learn through experience and we sharpen our skills through discipline and dedication. It is not for anyone else to decide what we should be doing with our lives. It is our responsibility to take the necessary measures to cultivate our talents, enhance our capabilities, and simply be the best versions of ourselves.

We have to take back the reins and be the sheroes/heroes of our own stories. We are never too old nor is it ever too late to sign up for a dance class or go back to school. When your heart, body, and mind are in tune with the same song, you create music. That is the simple magic of life. The act of doing is the key here. The minute you set something in motion, you will quickly come to see that things begin to align; all of the right people, the right opportunities, and the experiences needed for your growth will find a way to meet you along your journey. There is not a cookie-cutter blueprint on life nor would any of us want to follow it. We tend to complain about and be afraid of uncertainty, but in reality, that is what makes life exciting. Root yourself in knowing that we are all deserving of joy.

There is no greater feeling or freedom in the world than doing what makes you happy. Regardless of the likes, money, or rewards that may come, do what you want to do because it makes life worth living. Do it because it shines light on the darkness or do it because it brings peace to your anxiety-stricken heart. We can't simply wish a happy life into existence; we must be the manufacturers and creators of that life. So go on — revel in anything and everything that brings you joy because it is no one else's business but your own.