88 Easy DIY Last-Minute Halloween Ideas For When You Are Too Lazy to Buy a Costume

Somehow it's already October, and somehow you still don't have a Halloween costume. Trust us, we've all been there, but don't fear because we found the easiest and most creative costume ideas that even the laziest partygoer can make in no time. With a selection of DIY costumes for men and women, these ideas will make your costume complete.

Take a peek at the best last-minute costumes for 2019, ahead.


Maddy Perez From Euphoria

All you need to be Maddy Perez is some glam makeup and a crop top. Done, done, and done.


Ruth aka Zoya the Destroya From GLOW

Wear a shiny red leotard, and tease your hair as high as it can go. Just add dark lipstick and dramatic makeup.


Erica Sinclair From Stranger Things

The low-key star of the third season of Stranger Things, dressing up as Erica Sinclair should be on your costume list. A yellow tee, overalls, and a judgmental 'tude is all you need.



Bring out your wild side. If you have any article of cheetah print clothing, your work is done. Just add cat ears and whiskers.


Khal Drogo From Game of Thrones

Long hair is essential for this Game of Thrones look. Once you have that down, just paint dark lines on your chest, and you're good to go.


The Handmaid's Tale Characters

All you need is a red dress and a bonnet made out of white paper to transform into a handmaid from Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel turned hit TV series.


Army Girl

Tough and classic, all this costume requires is wearing something with army print, a hat, and face paint.


Rue Bennett From Euphoria

To be Rue, you'll need to opt for a casual outfit (think: red hoodie and jeans). Don't forget the Converse!


Agent H and Agent M From Men in Black: International

A bold suit, sunglasses, and over-the-top courage will turn you into an agent from Men in Black: International. Now get out there and save the day!


Debbie aka Liberty Belle From GLOW

Wear a red, white, and blue leotard, and tease your hair to the max. Hairspray required.


Maeve Wiley From Sex Education

To be this Sex Education character, you'll need a black leather jacket with a black skirt and combat boots. Dye the ends of your hair pink, and talk all things sex.



Forget the costume this year, and opt for this killer pumpkin look. You'll need orange and black face paint, and a little creativity.


Beanie Baby

Pick your animal then make a Ty tag for this easy throwback costume.



Shower blessings on everyone who sees you when you wear a sexy angel costume this year. Think wings, gold accessories, and (very) minimal clothing.


Frida Kahlo

To dress up as this iconic painter, you'll need a bold brow, bright lipstick, and an eye-catching flower headband.


Ashley O From Black Mirror

A lilac bob with shaggy bangs and a white crop top will do the trick for this Ashley O costume. Channel your inner superstar to make this look really come to life.



Whether you played baseball, football, soccer, or any sport in the middle, dressing up as an athlete for Halloween is always a safe bet. Once you find one of your old uniforms, it's game time.


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Costume jewelry, a tiara, gloves, and an LBD will transform you into a glamorous film star just in time for Halloween parties.


Mad Scientist

If you have a white coat and test tube, consider being a mad scientist. This costume can get as creative as you want it to, so don't be afraid to add some crazy-cute makeup to go along with it.



The undead will have never looked hotter if you use some strategically wrapped gauze for this slinky mummy look. A white crop top and mini skirt will be the key pieces to this costume. Add bits of gauze or toilet paper to get the real mummy effect.


Britney Spears

Break some rules this Halloween with this ". . . Baby One More Time" costume. Black knee-high socks, a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt, and gray sweater, will make this costume complete. Add pink poms to your braids to finish it off.



Ready for the rodeo? Good. A plaid shirt, denim shorts, and cowboy hat are the key elements to this easy costume.


Apple Genius

AirPods and a dark blue shirt will turn you into the (Apple) genius you know you are. Complete your look with a tech-savvy attitude and as many devices as you can. See you at the Genius bar!


Devil Wears Prada

Not everyone can pull off a Meryl Streep costume, but dressing up as a devil wearing Prada is easy — you can even write "Prada" across a plain shirt if, like most people, you don't happen to have anything from Prada lying around.


Dora the Explorer

You can be the grown-up version of Dora the Explorer if you've got a purple backpack. It also wouldn't hurt to carry around a map.


Jughead From Riverdale

To be Jughead from Riverdale, you just need a denim jacket and a beanie.


Flower Child

A crown of flowers will work great for this flower child outfit.


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Get your game face on. An olive green crop top, black shorts, and fake weapons will turn you into this gamer girl in no time.


Morton Salt Girl

If you're looking for a costume that's simple and sweet, grab a yellow dress and an umbrella to become Morton Salt's iconic label (but please don't blame us if you get bad luck for opening an umbrella indoors).


Where's Waldo?


Party Animal

Dress up as any animal you please and top it with a party hat for an instantly clever costume.


Rosie the Riveter

If you want to be something iconic (and easy!), Rosie the Riveter is calling your name. A red bandana and blue jean shirt will bring this costume to life.


Roy Lichtenstein-Inspired Pop Art Print

If you want your Halloween costume to be a work of art, then opt for a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired costume. This one is all about the makeup, so be sure to have your palettes ready!



No costume? No problem! Face paint is all you need to make this costume complete. If you want to make it even creepier, add a little fake blood to your outfit, too.



A Superman shirt, glasses, and some business separates make this the easiest superhero outfit you could put together.


Taylor Swift's 1989 Album Cover

Sing along to your favorite songs this Halloween when you dress up as Taylor Swift's 1989 album cover. You'll need a blue and white long-sleeved shirt and red lipstick. Carry around a white cutout to make it look like you're a Polaroid picture.



Perfect for the Fall and easy for any costume party during the year, being a scarecrow never gets old. Find your cutest flannel and pair of overalls and complete the look with a touch of cute makeup.


Audrey Hepburn

While a black dress and pearls make up the most famous Breakfast at Tiffany's look, Audrey Hepburn's character also dons a sleeping mask and white dress shirt in other scenes. Draw lashes on a blue eye mask and enjoy the coziness of Halloween in a comfy collared shirt.



One word: fangtastic. A dollop of fake blood and a black or red outfit will turn you into the sexiest vampire Halloween has even seen.


Baywatch Lifeguards

If you don't mind a little nudity, this costume just requires red swim trunks and a whistle. Running around saving lives is totally optional on your part.


Velma Dinkley From Scooby Doo

If Velma Dinkley was brought to life, this is exactly what she'd look like.


Wednesday Addams From The Addams Family

Braid your hair into matching pigtails and wear an all-black outfit. You'll want a white shirt underneath your top, though, for Wednesday's usual white collar to show through.


A T-Bird From Grease

You'll need to slick back your hair and carry your comb around to be one of the T-Birds. Roll up your black pants a little and throw on a denim jacket to complete the look.



You'll be the cat's meow. TBH, the only thing you really need here are cat ears. The outfit is totally up to you, but we suggest anything small, black, and sexy.


Alan From The Hangover

Your pet probably won't allow you to carry him around all night, but you can be like Alan from The Hangover and wear a baby carrier with a doll in it.


Alex From A Clockwork Orange

With a bowler hat, a set of false lashes, and an all-white outfit, you can easily dress as the dystopian antihero from Stanley Kubrick's 1970s film.



If you have a black dress and pointy ears, the only thing left that you'll need to be a bat is a makeshift cape. Cut a wing-like design in a blanket or piece of cloth and take on the night!


Billy From Stranger Things

Make jean-on-jean cooler than ever when you replicate this Stranger Things costume. Wear a white t-shirt underneath a jean jacket and grow out your 'stache to just the right length.


Blind Mice

Even if you can't convince two of your friends to do this one with you, you can still pretend to be a blind mouse who lost her other pals.


A Handsome Devil

Embrace your sexy side when you dress up as the handsome devil you are. All you need are devil horns and a sinful smirk.


Bounty Hunter

I mean, everyone needs some quilted quicker picker-uppers, and those things are expensive! Call in the bounty hunters, then use the paper towels to clean up after the party.


Bruce Lee

This costume calls for a yellow outfit from head to toe. You can add the signature black stripes down the side easily with electrical tape. And don't forget your nunchucks.


Captain Obvious

How do you not LOL when you see this? A captain's hat and name tag make this an easy costume that people will give you props for.


Harry Potter

Harry's outfits vary widely throughout the series, so the crucial parts of this look are just his glasses, wand, and lightning bolt scar. Ten points to Gryffindor if you also carry a white owl and call her Hedwig.


The Devil Wears Prada

A little red goes a long way here, as does a devilish smile. Dress in all black, and if you have any Prada, well, the more, the better.


Cat and Dog From CatDog

If you were a fan of this animated series, being Cat and Dog is right up your alley. Find a partner and wear orange and yellow outfits with cat and dog ears, then let the fun begin.


Candy Rapper

No, not the wrappers the candy comes in. Twist your words and try out this creative costume. You should have plenty of candy in your cupboard already. Make sure to check out more of our practically free costume ideas too.


Chip Gaines

Just dress up like a carpenter in your best flannel and talk about how much you love JoJo and your kids. Also carry a hammer, obviously.


Comic Book Woman

A little makeup goes a long way with this comic book-inspired look.


Dustin From Stranger Things

Pull out your sneakers, cords, plaid shirt, denim jacket, and ball cap for this Stranger Things look. But don't forget the pudding. Dustin would never forget the pudding.


Copy Cat

Anyone can wear a pair of cat ears, but only the most clever partygoers see an opportunity for the perfect pun.


Crazy Cactus Lady

You've heard of a crazy cat lady, but what if you're a crazy cactus lady? A messy 'do and a plant-printed outfit is all you need for this look.


Deviled Egg

Turn your costume into a funny pun with this deviled egg attire. You'll need devil horns, a red cape, a white minidress, and a yellow felt circle for the yolk.


Dunkin' Donuts

This punny costume requires very little work: simply pick up a penny, a basketball, and a donut pool floaty to complete the style.


Eleven From Stranger Things

There are a few ways you can dress up as Eleven, but as long as you have your Eggos, everyone will know who you are.


Elliot From E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Easy and simple, all you need to be Elliot from E.T. is a red zip-up jacket, a bike, and any kind of creature you want. The sky is the limit here!


Forrest Gump

If you're ready to run, Forrest, run, you'll need a dirty white t-shirt, some shorts, a hat (preferably with the Bubba Gump logo), and a very long beard. Then get running!



If you have a turtleneck, bell-bottoms, or a groovy kind of style, fitting in with the '70s theme won't be too far out for you. Peace sign accessories and tie-dye are a must, too. Get groovy!


The Travel Bug

Your friends will love this play on words! Attach maps to your clothes and create "antennas" (pipe cleaners attached to a headband should do the trick) for a quirky take on wanderlust.


J Lo

Channel one of Jennifer Lopez's signature '90s looks with a white bandanna, cropped white tank, white jeans, and some bling.


Killer Housewife

Throw on a dress, an apron, and some pearls, and you'll be the spitting image of a typical 1950s housewife. You can add rubber gloves and a sponge for good measure.


Kim Possible From Kim Possible

If you have cargo pants and a black crop top, dressing up as Kim Possible will get you through any sitch. Make sure everyone knows that they can call you and beep you if they want to reach you.



Nintendo's Luigi and the classic Ouija board come together to create the Luijiboard. Very simple to put together and a great last-minute Halloween costume.



Dance the night away when you dress up as this DJ. We suggest using a large piece of white construction paper or a plastic bucket to recreate his mask, and then wearing an all-white outfit. Use a black marker to add the smiley face onto the paper or bucket.


Mia Thermopolis From The Princess Diaries

Genovia won't even know what's coming when you dress up as Mia Thermopolis this Halloween. You can either be the pre-princess version of Mia by wearing a school uniform and glasses, or you can be the princess version by wearing her iconic silk off-the-shoulder dress with a tiara.


Ron Swanson From Parks and Recreation

You'll need your best surly face and a love of meat, buffets, and meat buffets to pull off the Ron Swanson look. You'll also need khakis, a flannel shirt, and a badass mustache.



Be ready to be quiet during your Halloween party if you go as a mime or the costume won't work! Wear black pants, a black-and-white-striped t-shirt, black gloves, and a black hat. Keep your mouth shut all night and use only your hands to communicate.


Regina George From Mean Girls

Cut circles out of the front of a white tank top and pair it with a black skirt to be a very unbothered Regina George.


Neville Longbottom From Harry Potter

Throw on an elaborately patterned cardigan, a button-down shirt, and jeans and carry a blood-stained sword to pull off this Harry Potter character. Bonus points if you have a large fake snake!


Picasso Painting

Go wild splattering yourself with bright colors of paint and frame yourself in a similarly painted picture frame. Picasso's art is one of a kind and your costume will be too.


Ross Geller From Friends

Make sure you wear two name tags that say both "Ross" and "Dr. Geller" so everyone knows who you are. Also, if you walk around yelling, "Pivot!" and "We were on a break!" no one will be confused about your costume. Promise.



Be a sweet treat this Halloween when you dress up as a strawberry. All you need is a red shirt or dress, green and black construction paper, and a small green hair accessory.


Struck by Lightning

A great couples costume and a fun DIY project! A holey burnt shirt, ripped clothes, and a gigantic lightning bolt make this couple really look lovestruck.


Teen Wolf

Scary, spooky, and totally easy, dressing up as a werewolf for Halloween is a one-and-done kind of costume. Add a varsity jacket and jeans to your long wild hair, and you're ready to howl in the moonlight.


The Black Swan

The magic is in the makeup for this stunning costume. Copy Natalie Portman's film character with feathered eyes and pale skin, then don a black skirt and ballet flats.


The Brawny Man

Pearly whites and a red button up are all you need to make this costume complete. Oh, and a thick beard won't hurt either.


Charlie Brown

If you're a fan of the Peanuts (Let's be honest, who isn't?), dressing up as Charlie Brown is right up your alley. A yellow collared shirt can easily be transformed into Charlie Brown's iconic outfit with a little marker, so get to work! Remember to "be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong."