Mercury Entered Scorpio, and It's Making Things Rocky For 3 Zodiac Signs

I know, I know. You just got through Mercury retrograde and a chaotic November new moon, but the universe's silly, goofy antics don't stop there, folks. While everyone was reeling from the Nov. 4 new moon, planetary ruler of communication Mercury entered Scorpio on Nov. 5 and will remain there for a few weeks. Although this move is truly nothing to panic about, it could make for some shaky ground in relationships or situations where communication is either critical or already on the rocks. And three of the 12 zodiac signs may feel Mercury's move into Scorpio a little more harshly than the others.

While Mercury is most often associated with how we communicate, it also represents logic and reasoning. When Mercury is stationed in intense Scorpio, associated with secrets, mystery, passion, death, and rebirth, things can get, well, a little dramatic. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it just means you may feel more inclined to face any difficult, mysterious, or emotional issues head on and make your deeper thoughts known to those around you. The catch is that, if you're not careful, this astrological combo can make you feel a little more on edge, curious, or suspicious, pushing you to pursue conversations or get to the bottom of situations in a way that's a little more obsessive than it is productive.

Here are the three zodiac signs who will feel the effects of Mercury in Scorpio the most — and how to deal with it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): With Mercury in Scorpio, It Might Be Time to Let Go of Something That's Draining You

Gemini, you likely felt the chaotic effects of the Nov. 4 new moon in Scorpio in your work life or day-to-day tasks and commitments. You might've experienced issues with a work colleague or in some sort of professional partnership that caused you to rethink your relationship with that person. And with Mercury in Scorpio, you may feel inclined to get to the meat of where things went wrong. Move forward with the intention of keeping your work life as organized as possible, so that you can navigate the remainder of the year feeling clear-headed and confident. If that means trudging through a difficult conversation or severing ties with someone or something that's giving you nonstop grief, know that you're giving way to more positivity in your life.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Take a Breather, or Mercury in Scorpio Might Push You to Say Something You Don't Mean

Give yourself a break, Virgo. I mean it. You may have experienced a tough start to the month in terms of working nonstop and picking up other people's slack. Understandably, you might be feeling frustrated and ready to air out all your issues with those you believe aren't carrying their weight. You should absolutely feel like you can voice those types of concerns, but with Mercury in Scorpio, those conversations could take a nose dive quickly if they're happening in the heat of the moment. Make sure to focus on you, Virgo. As much as it probably pains you to be still, give yourself space to breathe and prioritize self-care. Once you do that, you'll feel ready to approach any and every conversation productively and find a solution.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Don't Let Mercury in Scorpio Cloud Your View of Your Loved Ones

You're intense and inquisitive as it is, Scorpio, so expect those characteristics to be amplified as Mercury moves through your sign. During this transit, you may feel empowered to confront someone close to you — a partner or close friend — over something they said or did that didn't sit right with you. This talk has the potential to go well for you, assuming you mind how far you push people and avoid getting lost in your own head. You consistently search for deeper meaning behind people's actions or words, but sometimes, there isn't any. If you're broaching a difficult subject with a loved one over these next few weeks, do your best to take what they say at face value and try not to dig up issues that aren't there. Remember, you're a good judge of character, and you wouldn't keep someone in your life if you weren't sure of that.