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OPTAVIA Healthy Living Tips

Let's face it: sweeping lifestyle changes aren't sustainable. Between friends, work, and family, life quickly gets in the way, and your intentions can fall to the wayside. But you don't need to overhaul your daily routine to live a healthy life — starting small can be just as impactful.

OPTAVIA is an innovative health and wellness program that draws from this mindset. The program encourages people to create healthy habits by making slight adjustments to their daily behaviors instead of one grand commitment (e.g., committing to going to the gym every day of the week). "What small change is so easy to make that you can stick with it each day, making failure almost impossible?" OPTAVIA co-founder and independent OPTAVIA Coach Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen (Dr. A) asks. "When you change your actions in small baby steps rather than all at once, eventually, you'll create a habit. This means you no longer have to rely on motivation — which is hard to maintain consistently — so it's easier to make the kind of lasting change that you desire." To embark on a healthy-living journey with this fresh perspective, keep reading to learn what changes — or microhabits — you can incorporate into your everyday routine.